Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Ed Anger Classic

Here's another classic from my hero, Ed Anger. If you're not familiar
with him, you should be.

One of my proudest moments was being called

"The Ed Anger of Punk."

Isn't it genius?

     "...even when the smell of death was so sickening it would've made a maggot puke."

What can Board, Bukowski, Mailer, or even Celine say to that? It's pure poetry.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Violence is as violence sees?

Japan is a country famous for its manga (comics). Many of them are not just superheroes fighting each other. Some are like... er...

In the U.S. we have tough censorship and this would probably never be in a comic... at least not a mainstream one read by businessmen on their way to work every day. Oh yeah, guess which society has more violent crime? More sexual crime? Hint: it's not Japan.

I can hear the conservatives protest. This isn't a country of censorship. Look at the internet why you can see all kinds of disgusting things, take or or (My how they suffer through research for their opinions, those conservatives.)

No censorship in America? Hmmm, here's something I found from 1990:

Oh yeah, and how about those countries famous for lack of censorship. The ones that have so little censorship the local Muslims riot in the street. Ones with more porn than you can shake a... well... anything at. Ones like my favorite country Denmark

The W.T.F. for S.U.V.s

Like the morons who fight against national health care, SUV owners are something I can't understand. Such an effort and expense to do the wrong thing.

The cars guzzle gas. They're impossible to park. They block vision. They're rude on the road. They're just wrong. MAYBE if you live in North Dakota and have to drive over a glacier... I donno. But what the hell could you want one for if you live in the city?

They're safe! Came the answers. They protect you. A big car is safer than a small car.
Now comes this from Car & Travel magazine:

Is there any excuse left?