Thursday, February 14, 2013

What comes around...

Ah the lower East Side of NYC. Now a fashionable district for Japanese NYU students. Before that, punkrock heaven. Before that, hippy heaven. Before that, Puerto Rican slums. Before that, Jewish and other Eastern European slums... where new immigrants came to work their way out of the slums. Often they joined unions to help each other pull themselves out of the LES muck. They lived in tenements... in squalid conditions.

So, someone decides to make a tenement museum. A testimony to these hard-working, usually radical labor organizers and members. And what happens? Of course, it's capitalism!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drug your kids, get some money

Does your child have bad moods? Poor school performance? Difficulty focusing? Even if s/he doesn't, could you use some extra cash? "Compensation for time and travel." Let us drug your kid and we'll pay you!!!

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How tempting for the poor... and why not? The poor will be the guinea pigs for the rich. New drugs? Test 'em on welfare kids! Put those lazy bums to work!