Saturday, August 15, 2009

FIJA: Jury Duty Could be A Good Thing!

NOTE: This one isn't funny...

We all hate Jury duty right? I hate it more than ever since the last time I served and was bullied into voting guilty. (I was the only holdout.) The guy was guilty, but I hated the wiretap and spy stuff that convicted him. I wanted to vote my conscience, but everyone else just wanted to go home.

We'll for those will more hormone generators than me, here's some ammunition. (How's that for a mixed metaphor?) Click on the pic to get a more readable image.  It's one of my pet causes:

Satan Bless the NY Post!

It's clean-out time (that should be obvious from the number of posts lately). I found this one under a pile of papers by the stereo. (Remember stereos?)

The paper's from 1992, but the headline recalls an earlier headline. A famous one from 1941... yep Pearl Harbor. Pretty sneaky of Murdock and crew... huh?

I'm The NRA

Why did I keep this ad from 1986? Maybe it was a premonition. Here's what Wikipedia says about Gutman:

In the 1998 senatorial election, Goldman accused his opponent of putting "a bunch of blotches of voodoo crap" on his car, "SanterĂ­a stuff."Gutman won the election.

In 1998 he was indicted along with his wife by the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida on charges of conspiracy to commit Medicare fraud. Charges were related to 1992 events in a home health care company with an office that was used during his senatorial campaign as a headquarter.

Charges against wife were dropped to one misdemeanor count; On 6th day of trial he pleaded guilty to one felony conspiracy count that he benefited from home health care companies that defrauded Medicare. He resigned from the Florida Senate as part of the plea bargain that called for a 2 year prison term.

And my favorite quote from the ad: I would like to see tougher laws on criminals as opposed to tougher laws on legitimate gun owners. 


In Case You Were Wondering What They Think...

Here is a scan of the "Law Enforcement Code of Ethics." In case you were stopped for Driving While Black, or asked for your ID when you were innocently walking down the street (with a strange haircut). Some of my favorite quotes:

1. I will protect the weak against oppression or intimidation.
2. I will never permit personal feelings to influence my decisions.
3. ... dedicating myself before God to my chose profession... law enforcement

Surrealist Christianity?

This is an old leaflet. It's background is complicated. If you write to me I'll explain it. But I think it's necessary to first appreciate it without prior... er... prejudice.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Japan Necessary or Possible?

I found this on the internet today. I think the comment is wrong. It should read: