Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Scum by any Other Name

Talk about scum... in the worst sense of the word... Here comes an ad by what looks like a New Cable Company... called SPECTRUM.  It offers

TV+Internet + Voice for $29.99 a month. Great deal, huh?

Fine print:

"Spectrum" is the new name for... yep, you guessed it: TIME-WARNER.

And the $29.99 a month is for EACH SERVICE... when bundled... So you have to take ALL the services and it's $90 a month (plus taxes, fees, tips, equipment, extortion, etc.) 

In other words, the whole thing is a legal lie.

Now, tell me again how THE GOVERNMENT is dishonest, and should be run like a business?


Monday, November 14, 2016

Public Morals: A Tale of Two Countries

Let me get this straight. We should feel sorry for WOMEN in Saudi Arabia because they're branded for life for "morals violations," but (mostly) men in the U.S. have to register as "sex offenders" for life for looking at a bunch of zeroes and ones on their own computers. (Neighbors can notified when the "offender" moves into the neighborhood.)

Yeah, I feel so sorry for them.