Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bad Christians, Good Muslims dept:

The same issue of The Smithsonian that talks about the success of Finnish Schools (big government, no religion, no private schools), talks about the changes taking place within Islam. While Christian fundamentalists  are getting stronger-- and uglier, Muslims are getting LESS fundamental, and more accepting. Yeah! It's about time this stuff was written about! The problem is that it's too good, too truthful, for America. I bet the Smithsonian will be disciplined HARD in the near future.

Let's Finnish With This Christian/Tea Party Propaganda

Throughout the US, Christian Tea Partyists are trying to dismantle the American Public Schools. Pushing for government funding for religious schools (obviously a violation of the Constitution), they say "competition" will improve the schools. Add to that, a lot of teaching to the test, and we'll improve, they say. Well, they're wrong.

A great article in THE SMITHSONIAN magazine shows the case of Finland, and how a country recently inundated with immigrants can have an education system that actually TEACHES. No private school. No standardized tests. Just real learning.