Thursday, August 12, 2010

Like (grand) father like son? Powell vs Randel

Adam Clayton Powell Junior was a famous NYC congressman. One of the first black men to serve in Congress, he was a strange combination of bravery, progressiveness, and corruption. He was so powerful, his Avenue in NY is almost as big as Martin Luther King's.

Now, his grandson is challenging Charlie Rangel  for his congressional seat. Charlie is one of my favorite politicians. Now, as he nears 80, he's facing some who-cares? congressional allegations. (Property in Bermuda? Come on!) Rangel's life should be a celebration. One of his greatest acts was to introduce legislation to bring back the draft. In effect he's saying: Alright Mr. & Mrs. Richguys, you want to send folks to die for your oil? Let's send YOUR kids! Yeah!

That's not the main point for me though. The main point is how WHITE Adam the 4th looks!! When I first saw the campaign literature, I thought he was some Good Ole Boy! I think he's gonna have to blacken up if he wants to win THIS primary.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Now what's your excuse????

THIS IS FROM Car & Travel Magazine, August 2010:

So what does that mean? It means that the big excuse to raise the drinking age to 21 (fewer people killed by drunk drivers), IS A FRAUD!!! Some people are going to be in lousy shape after they drink. Age doesn't matter. Those people will drink and drive.

When alcohol is illegal, only dangerous alcoholics have alcohol. Get it?